Our Mission is to Facilitate Supply Chain Compliance over the World

At ICW, we believe in a better way of ensuring supply chain and product compliance.


We consolidate testing, inspection and certification resources into one platform and connect you with the most competitive international organisations. We’ll supply you with a dedicated quality assurance/quality control department by leveraging big data analytics, artificial intelligence and our team of experts.

With ICW, you will save time, manpower and financial resources.

Our Mission Is to
Facilitate Supply Chain
Compliance Over The

Our Management Team

Gary Lam

Managing Director, Operations

"Do compliance right today, run your business safely tomorrow. Never give compliance a day off."

Gary has been very successful and is well known in the global retail and Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) industries. He has worked for a top 4 laboratory in the world, which involved managing teams of over 50, developing new business lines and managing their global business operations.

Gary also has a very strong technical background, graduating with a BEng (Honors). He is highly strategic and well connected to different product compliance parties all over the world. Additionally, as a professional consultant he has assisted hundreds of manufacturing enterprises to come up with practical solutions for product safety and compliance.

  • Distinguished Service Award – Supreme Gold (Intertek)

  • International Executive Program (Intertek)

  • Round Table Laboratory Challenge Winner (Wal-mart)

  • Managed QA programs: IKEA, Wal-mart, JCPenney, McDonalds, Disney, Daiso etc

  • Lead Auditor for ISO9000:2008

  • Certified Gemologist

  • Professional mediation trained

  • BEng (Hons), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Paul Yao

Managing Director, Business Development

Paul has been actively serving as an independent advisor to private equities and institutional investors in the TIC industry. He previously worked for 20 years as a Global Executive Officer where he oversaw turnover of £340M, with margins of over 30% as well as managing 10,000 staff.

Paul's areas of expertise include the TIC industry, compliance and quality assurance management, product and supplier management, B2B sourcing platforms, supply chain management, strategy mapping, sales and marketing as well as business development.

  • Group Executive VP, Consumer Goods (Intertek)

  • Founder of TradeFWD

  • CEO of TradeGood.com

  • BSc (Hons), The University of Hong Kong

Alice Tam

R&D Lead

Alice has become an expert in the field of compliance after graduating with a Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry and working in the industry for the past 9 years.She began her career working for one of ICW’s partner product testing laboratories, operating as a technical engineer.She remained in the industry and became a technical supervisor for UL in 2015, before eventually moving to ICW.

With Alice’s strong compliance background, she takes the responsibilities of reviewing product compliance requirements for the global market, preparing quality and regulatory documents as well as providing technical advice to ICW clients.

Dixon Tsoi

Technical Lead

Dixon worked his way up the command chain from full stack developer to now technical lead after graduating with a degree in computer engineering in 2013. He is both a very skilled web developer and team leader.

As technical lead Dixon performs many tasks, including merging code produced by his teammates, performing data migration and managing the programming team. He is fluent in several programming languages including JavaScript, HTML and PHP.